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Julia Lynn Sedore

January 2010 - Maui

Nathan Charles Sedore - On the beach at Maui

Born April 20th 2009

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Gavin Lincoln Wagstaff

Born January 9th 2010

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The Family

January 2010




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1936 Chevy 

This 1936 Chevy is the last wooden frame car Chevrolet ever made.  They are vary rare as the wooden frames did not last when the cars were abandon in old farmers' fields. While restoring this car, we have spent as much time at the table saw as we have at the welder.  In the 1950's this car was converted into a Hot Rod and now it is a Hot Rod again with a small block Chev 350 v8 engine, disc brakes and air conditioning.


For Sale

604 591-5797

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1969 Chev C-10 Longhorn Truck

For 1969, the trucks were given a new look in the front. The hood was given a Bowtie and a steeper front. A bright metal grille with a plastic egg crate style background and "Chevrolet" embossed on the center grille bar was added. The "Longhorn" package was introduced which had an 8 1/2 foot bed. The parking brake was moved to the kick panel and is now foot operated. The 327 cid V8 was replaced by the 350 cid. The trucks have an automatic choke. 


British Ford Prefect 1949 

Moved to Montreal, Canada

The real reason for Prefect's Australia - wide popularity is not just its remarkably good motoring it buys. Prefect takes you any where in smartness and comfort. Its dependability is another big factor. For instance, that 10 h.p, Ford engine is famous for long trouble free services. All of Prefect is that - Ford - built to take you at a cost that really helps your budget.


1983 Firebird

We started to restore a 1983 TransAm, but when we found the 83 Firebird "part car" was in better shape than the TransAm, we used the TransAm parts on the Firebird!  It looks like and runs like a TransAm,   It has a T-roof, power steering, windows, and trunk, with a 305 V8.  It is fun to drive. 

33rd  Meet300 Club Meet

1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible

Chrysler 300 Club300 Club Meet

Nineteen-seventy was really the last fling year for the three-hundred. It was the last year you could order a convertible and Chrysler had one last shot at making the marquee special with a limited run of Hurst modified specials. This was the second year of the distinctive fuselage styling.


1964 Pontiac Parisienne

1953 Ford Mercury Pickup

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1950 - International Truck

Moved to Kelowna

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