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ACCPAC Advantage



To get 100% out of your new information system…Training is the key.

With today’s technology, why is it that most companies are using less than 10% of the true capabilities of their information systems. Unlock the capabilities by training your staff! Our training consultants can assist you in evaluating your staff's needs and planning the best training solution.

  • This training is provided by "Certified Consultants".
  • Training designed to meet your particular needs and where required, we can design procedural manuals specific to your company to help the end users.
  • We conduct one-on-one or group training sessions on all of the ACCPAC Plus, Sage ERP, Adagio and most 3rd Party modules.
  • The training is normally conducted at the client’s site, using the client’s computer system.
  • The head instructor is an ACE Certified Consultant, MBA, B Ed, B Sc and CMA.

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