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Comprehensive fixed-fee service to set up systems and procedures that include:

Services We Offer

  • Review of systems and procedures to maximize system capabilities.
  • Planning and supervising of the conversion of existing systems to Sage ERP or Adagio -  your staff does the data entry.
  • Training of staff to use ACCPAC Plus, Sage ERP or Adagio effectively.
  • Writing specification documents and creating customized reports.
  • Supervising the first month-end routine.
  • Setting up effective back-up routines as integrated menu choices.
  • Providing 90 days of telephone support.

An installation that includes several modules should be done in phases not longer than one month each. Protracted installations are unsatisfactory and costly for all concerned. Our fees are billed upon completion of each module or 30 days after the start of its installation, whichever comes first. Fixed fees are confirmed before work is commenced and vary with the number of modules, the complexity of installation and estimated training time required.

Time based technical assistance is for those who require technical assistance after installation, or for those who feel comfortable assuming responsibility for the systems, procedures, and accounting implications during initial installation. Our services include:

  • Technical support and troubleshooting.
  • Custom report design.
  • Software upgrades for ACCPAC Plus, Sage ERP, Adagio and add-on products.
  • Paper flow review, its documentation, and suggestions for improvements (Process re-engineering).

Our consultants are available for on-site and telephone consultations. Our services are billed in 6 minute increments, travel time charged at half rate.

Test installations are used as an overview of large systems to confirm that Sage ERP or Adagio is a proper fit. It may include setting up of test database on a portable disk drive or computer so that Sage ERP or Adagio can be reviewed in your office. This process is equivalent to test driving the systems before a purchase is actually made. Our senior accounting staff is available for consultation and for system design. A typical test database requires two days of our time, fee for which can be partially recovered if the full installation is completed within 90 days

DATA Base Repair Service If your data can be found anywhere in your damaged database, we'll get it for you. We've repaired more than 5,000 databases -- if it's possible to recover your data, we'll get every bit. Regardless of the size of your database, it will be repaired within two working days. In many cases, the damaged database is repaired the same day it's received. If you have a damaged database, give our technicians a call at 604. 597.7026. They will be able to give you a firm, written quote, even before you send in your database for repair. So, no matter how many hours it takes to repair your database, there will be no extra charge.

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