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Still using ACCPAC Plus?

Still using ACCPAC Plus? Don't want to lose your best friend?
ACCPAC Plus for DOS users keep all their expertise when they move to Adagio by Softrak. There is no data conversion and no training, just simple orientation, and all the business processes remain in place.

Prior to writing Adagio, Softrak Systems was a third party developer for ACCPAC International (now Sage). Softrak was the developer of the Quik series of add-ons for ACCPAC Plus; thus, Adagio shares a common heritage with ACCPAC Plus. In 1999, Softrak created Adagio for Plus users seeking to move easily from DOS to a Windows environment without the expense of data conversion and retraining.

Companies still using ACCPAC Plus and looking to upgrade to Windows can "come home to Adagio". In many cases, ACCPAC Plus users can continue using Plus while they migrate to Adagio one module at a time, which is unheard of for accounting software conversion.

What similarities are there?
Data conversion is not required.
The procedures are so similar that no training is required for the move, just simple orientation.
Adagio is batch-oriented-allowing easy period ends.
A mouse is not required for data entry in Adagio. The entire application can be driven from the keyboard.
Menus, business processes and error messages remain constant.
However, there are some significant improvements over the old way of working in ACCPAC Plus.
Ledger users can unpost and copy batches and departments.
Adagio also handles multiple years and provides a "soft year-end".
An award-winning spreadsheet-based financial reporter makes simple or complicated presentation-quality financial statements possible with a minimum of expertise.
Side-by-side departmental, budget and prior year comparatives are easy to create.
Accounts Payable users can print CPA compliant checks on blank laser stock, complete with the bank account MICR number.
In less than a day to install the program and format your reports, you're ready to go. Training is minimal because Adagio is designed to work in Windows just like your old ACCPAC.

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