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Crystal Info

Creating ACCPAC Reports

Crystal Info is an independent Report Writer program. It can retrieve information from a Btrieve database such as ACCPAC for Windows is based on.

To create an ACCPAC for Windows report in Crystal Info, follow these steps:

  1. Start Crystal Info APS.

  2. Start Crystal Info Desktop and connect to the APS by typing in the user ID and Password. (The User ID and password can be set in the Crystal Info Administrator program.)

  3. Click the Report icon on the toolbar to start a new report function.

  4. Click the Design New Report button.

  5. Click File, New from Crystal Expert's menu bar.

  6. Choose the Standard Expert button (for example).

  7. Click the Data File button.

  8. In the Choose Database File screen, selectí file.ddf in your ACCPAC for Windows company database directory (usually, C:\pluswin\sampie\saminc\file.ddf then click the Add button and the Done button.

  9. Click the Table button in the Create Report Expert screen.

  10. In the Choose Table To Use In Visual Linking screen, choose any ACCPAC for Windows table from "Invisible Tables" List to "Visible Tables" list, then click OK.

  11. Click the Fields tab, then choose required fields from the "Database fields" list screen to "Report fields" list screen.

  12. Click the Sort tab, then select the field you want to sort and group by.

  13. Click the Total tab, then choose subtotal and grand total fields.

  14. Click the Select tab to specify your report printing (from batch number xxx - xxx, for example).

  15. Click Style to select the report style you prefer.

  16. Click the Preview Report button to view your new report.

  17. If you wish, click the Design tab to switch from preview mode to design mode, then make any changes you need to the report title, field size, field position, font, and so on.

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