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ACCPAC Plus General Ledger Year End Functions

  • Run the data integrity check on the GL
  • Enter subledgers and retrieve all batches to the GL
  • 6.1.Edit Company Profile so that Force Batch Listings = No
  • 3.1.2.Retrieve all outstanding batches
  • 3.2.Print all outstanding batches
  • 3.3.Post all batches
  • 3.1.4.Archive error batches
  • Rename and delete regular error batch
  • From ACCPAC Start list, highlight the last years General Ledger
  • Enter into DOS and backup GL to a new subdirectory (p:\asp\data\y00\*.*)
  • Go back into ACCPAC
  • Insert backup into Start Menu "General Ledger F/Y 2000" (or your choice)
  • Enter the fiscal year end date of the company (i.e. 12\31\98)
  • Change the company name in the company profile
  • From the ACCPAC Start List, select the current General Ledger
  • Select the destination for the printer to be file (path of backed up data), and screen
  • Escape to the Main Menu
  • 6.8.2. Close Year
  • Edit source code to= year end and the closing date to = fiscal year end
  • Print + clear posting journal
  • Escape to the Main Menu
  • 5.5.Print and clear the Batch Status Report
  • 6.8.3.Select Change Fiscal Year
  • 6.1.Modify the report dates in the Company Profile
  • Print Trial Balance to make sure no income statement accounts were setup as balance sheet accounts.
  • Post archived batches from year end
  • Set Company Profile to go back to Force Batch Listings = Yes (if it was so previously)

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